mp3tagger pro

mp3tagger pro 2.8.0 has been released in the Google Play Store.

A basic user manual can be found here.

Latest changes: 

  • Now supports writing to external sd cards for all versions of android besides kitkat
  • Fixed album art search
  • Improved usability
  • ​Switched to material design
  • Added fast and easy interactive Album Art finder
  • Added selective tagging
  • Added file filter in file and directory loading
  • Added preferences page
  • Added genre tag for editing
  • Added apps2sd support
  • Added copy from ID3 v1 to ID3 v2 or vice versa
  • Added fast save and go to next mp3 file in directory option
  • Added “Load by Album” option to load files like the android media player
  • Added automatic search for album art
  • Added manual seach for album art
  • Added changing album art
  • Added bulk tagging of whole directories
  • Added option to remove album art
  • New start screen
  • Fixed UI bug on htc hero and htc eris
  • Fixed: Changes of album art is now visible in all players immediately
  • Fixed: Freeze on orientation change during bulk tagging / saving
  • Album Art is loaded in the background

Unique features of the pro version:

  • bulk-tagging of whole directories or albums (Artist and/or Album name and/or Album Art)
  • automatic / interactive / manual album art search


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