mp3tagger pro help

Easy Album Art Finder

Gets you started quickly, it interactively suggests Album Art for each of your Albums that haven't one yet. You can start it from the main menu:

Choose Easy Album Art Finder option from menu


Just click the right Album Art / Cover and it will be saved. If the right one isn't among the results you can finetune them with any of the other mp3tagger pro options later. The chosen Album Art later only shows in the Music Player Apps, it does not write the Album Art directly to your MP3 files. So theses changes of Album Art are not visible when you transer the Album. To have persistent results please use the other options for tagging like eg.  "Load by Album".

    Load MP3

    Loads a single MP3 file.  

    Load Directory

    Loads all MP3 files from of a directory for editing. To select a directory in the chooser hit the menu button and  click  "Select Current Directory".

    Load Album

    Loads all MP3 Tracks belonging to an Album. Just click on the Album name to open it.

    Edit single MP3 file

    You can change the MP3 tags including Album Art after loading an MP3 file. When you long press the Album Art Icon at the bottom of the screen a dialog will appear. Here you can select

    • "Change Album Art"  (tries to find the matching album art from the internet and gives you a selection screen to choose the correct one, default option for simple click)
    • "Change Album Art From File" (allows you to select a album art file from the sdcard)
    • "View Album Art" (displays the current Album Art file of the selected MP3 file)
    • "Remove Album Art" (removes the Album Art file for all selected MP3 files - gets effective only after saving MP3 file or Album / Directory)

      Edit multiple files from directory / album

      After loading a directory or an Album you can change Album Name, Artist Name and Album Art for all MP3 files in this directory / Album or a selection of files.  The  "Current base file" is the currently selected file from the selected directory / Album. You can change it by clicking the forward / back icons at the bottom of the screen. Unless you  change Album Name, Artist Name or Album Art, these tags of the base file will be applied to all of the selected files in this directory / Album. Otherwise your newly entered tag values will be applied.  

      Save Changes

      After clicking  "Save Changes" after loading an Album or Directory you can specifiy which of the files in the selected directory or album should be updated according to your changes. Only the tags with an activated checkbox in front of them will be updated though!  To start the tagging hit the menu button and click  "Start tagging". Saving can take a while! If only a single MP3 file was loaded this will be saved without further requests.